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HO Scale Subway Car Models


Models have been produced in two versions

Empire Roof Type

Empire Roof Type

3 Car Powered Sets Fully Finished  $795.00 per set

Both Types Are Sold Out


R62 Subway Car Sets HO

3 Car Sets, models come painted but unpowered.

Decals, End Gates, Grab Irons and Window Glazing are provided for installation by the modeler.

$459.00 per set

Sold Out


BMT-IND R68 Subway Cars

HO Scale  3 Car Sets Fully Finished  One Car Powered

Unpowered Sets  $759.00

Powered Sets  $899.00

Models Are Sold Out



IRT R15 Subway Car Kits HO

Model has one piece polycarbinate body

Three car sets $159.95  unpowered

                    SOLD OUT


IRT R17, 21 & 29 Subway Car Kits- Unpowered

Injection molded plastic, kits contain sides, floor, roof, ends, underbody and car end details, trucks & Kadee wheels.


R17 Cars (#6500-6899)
3 Car sets  $139.95


R17.jpg (20982 bytes)

R21 Cars  (#7050-7299)

3 Car Sets  $129.95



R29 Cars (#8570-8805), Also R26 & R28 (#7750-7859)
4 Car sets $189.95

R29.jpg (15307 bytes)



 NYC R1-9 IND Subway Car Kits

Kit includes one piece ploycarbonate body, floor, underbody details, trucks, KADEE wheels and decals. (UNPOWERED)

$199.95 per 3 car set     SOLD OUT

R1-9 Floor/Underbody Kit to fit MTS/Q Car bodies   $30.00

Kit contains floor, underbody details, trucks and wheels.

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